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Quito, a Cultural Patrimony of Humanity sice 1978.

Quito, capital of Ecuador, escorted by high volcanoes and formed by streets broken and rocks where the houses become engraved like looking for a solid shelter, a city where people try to conserve their colorful traditions.

Quito is located on a horizontal strip of land running north to south between beautiful mountains. The splendor of the city's natural setting, combined with its attractive squares, parks and monuments as well as the warmth of its people, makes it an unique and unforgettable place.  Besides its amazing landscapes, Quito is known for its treasures of colonial churches, paintings, sculptures and carvings.

Location: Andes mountain range 2.800 meters
Population: 1.4 million
Altitude: 2,850 m/9,350 ft
Temperature: 50 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit (10 to 25 centigrade degrees)
Province: Pichincha
Currency: United States Dollar
Language: Spanish
Foundation: December 6th, 1534

Quito located at 2800 meters above sea level, starts its construction around 1534. It was built on such irregular landscape with great deal of effort and creativity. After the 20th century in 1978 the city with the biggest perimeter in colonial architecture in Latin America, was declare by UNESCO World Heritage, Patrimony of Culture and Heritage.  The program catalogues, names, and conserves sites of outstanding cultural or natural importance to the common heritage of humanity . As an unique and exceptional testimony of traditional culture, becoming the first city in the continent to ever receive this distinction.

Quito could be divided in two areas:

The colonial city of Quito
The historic center of the city is the biggest and best preserved in Latin America. It houses 40 churches and chapels, 16 convents, secluded temples and monasteries, 17 plazas or squares, and at least a dozen of museums.

The modern city of Quito
With high building and modern houses the modern city of Quito offers all the comforts of the 21 th century, with luxury hotels, restaurants, large shopping malls, theaters, art galleries, international airport, etc.

Because of its elevation and its proximity to the equator, Quito has a fairly constant cool climate, with spring-like weather year-round. The average temperature at noon is 19°C (66°F) with a normal night-time low of 10°C (50°F). The annual average temperature is 15°C (64°F). The city experiences only two seasons: dry and wet. The dry season, June through September (4 months), is referred to as summer; the wet season, October through May (8 months), is referred to as winter.